Voice Box Office – Micah Hollingworth, Broadw.ai – Voice Tech Podcast ep.043

Micah Hollingworth Broadw.ai

Episode description

Micah Hollingworth is CEO and co-founder of Broadw.ai, an AI powered ticketing agent and integrated marketing platform for live Broadway events and theatre-goers. We discover how voice and conversational AI are being used in the theatre industry, helping to tackle the most pressing challenges faced by consumers and ticket sellers.

Conversational interfaces capture huge amounts of data, which is key to targeting the right customers in outbound campaigns, personalising the offer, and selling tickets quickly. Hear Micah’s vision for the future of voice tech in entertainment, including conversational ticket sales, integration with our content feeds, and even appearing in mainstream media.

This conversation demonstrates the huge impact conversational technology is having on every industry, even those typically seen as slow to adopt new technologies. Prepare to change the way you see the theatre!

Full summary of takeaway points

A written summary of all the points made in the episode is available for Voice Tech Pro subscribers. Unlock everything at https://voicetechpodcast.com/pro 

Quotes from the show

[09:22] “I can extend where I can sell my seats, influence which seats are sold, and gather a tremendous amount of data”

[23:43] “Everybody can agree that’s a good use of voice. It’s a canny way of winning the hearts and minds of people”

[34:01] “For desktop visits, you can serve up content. For mobile visits, jump straight to the order form”

[01:01:28] “To combat AI bias, ensure the people designing it have a variety of backgrounds”

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