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Voice & Chatbots in Healthcare – Nathan Treloar, Orbita – Voice Tech Podcast ep.048

Nathan Treloar Orbita

Episode description

Today on the VoiceTech Podcast we welcome Nathan Treloar, who is the founder and president of Orbita. Orbita is a Boston-based company that provides software to improve patient engagement in digital health through voice-first and artificial intelligence solutions. Nathan is a highly respected speaker and authority in the field of voice-first healthcare technology and has advised many large-scale companies and government agencies on the subject.

This in-depth and fascinating conversation covers the current state of voice and chatbots in the healthcare sector, the many ways that voice services can improve the quality of medical delivery and much more. We talk about some of Orbita’s case studies, the advantage of voice technologies and a few of the product features of the company. We also get into the security and privacy issues that are so prevalent in fields that require ‘always-on’ devices and how the HIPAA regulations aim to curb hazards in this regard.

Nathan does a great job of unpacking the complex set of concerns around big tech, trust, and health data, so for this eye-opening discussion about the future of healthcare as we know it, be sure to listen in!

Highlights from the episode

  • A little bit about the state of voice and chatbots in healthcare currently. 
  • The specifics of the healthcare names and terminology that the technology requires. 
  • Where Orbita is positioned in terms of privacy and security concerns. 
  • Virtual health assistants or VHA’s and the scope of what can be offered.  
  • Unique benefits of voice-based platforms and the standards and application of AI. 
  • The range of use-cases for the different virtual assistants for healthcare services. 
  • Some possibilities for recommendations from chatbots around health insurance. 
  • Orbita’s value proposition, the product suite, and their typical clients. 
  • Integration and collaboration of Orbita’s technology in specific settings and devices. 
  • A quick explanation of HIPAA regulations and their importance in the medical field. 
  • Other security concerns for voice devices in a healthcare scenario. 
  • Realistic expectations of trusting these platforms with reference to previous breaches.  
  • Limitations and hurdles for voice-first virtual assistants and the importance of user testing.   
  • The four components to Orbita’s platforms and some examples of products.
  • Nathan’s predictions and hopes for the future of this area of healthcare.

Quotes from the show

[0:09:40] It’s one thing to record a note about a patient, it’s another to record a prescription

[0:11:34] The applications of virtual assistants in a healthcare setting demand optimized content experiences

[0:13:44] How do you ensure that it isn’t picking up other things said in the clinical setting?

[0:16:16] We are seeing an interest in applying voice tech for chronic care, elder care, and post acute needs

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