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Shilp Agarwal Blutag

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Shilp Agarwal is the CEO of Blutag, a voice retail solution that lets customers search/browse a product catalog on Alexa and Google Assistant. We get to hear some product demos showing how customers can quickly reorder products they’ve bought before, and also browse new options before making an informed choice.

Blutag recently graduated from the Techstars incubator, and are backed by Amazon’s Alexa Fund, so we discuss how he got into the programs, and the benefits of the experience.

Shilp has a long history in the retail space, and shares many insights, including how multimodal interfaces, and especially voice enabled TVs, will soon revolutionise online shopping. He reveals the pain points most retailers are trying to solve with voice, Amazon’s vision for voice retail, and how the rise of voice search will affect product discoverability.

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what can they do to increase loyalty of their customers is this a place where they can acquire new customers how can the use voice for acquiring new customers

hello and welcome back today’s episode is entitled voice retail in which will hear my conversation with shilp agrawal CEO of blutag a voice retail solution that lets customers search and browse a product catalogue on voice enabled devices blutag is an Amazon recommended platform for retailers to publish their voice apps it’s also a textiles company having recently graduated from the incubator in October last year and their back by Amazon’s Alexa fund shilp has a long history in the retail space he’s recently spoken at a number of conferences including the voice summit in York and the Sandbox Life Conference in Atlanta and he regularly holds retail tech talks all across New York City in a conversation you’ll learn all about how in just a few minutes you can connect your e-commerce store to blutag which upload your product catalogue and then create and deploy a custom Alexa skill and Google assistant action for you offering your customers

an Italian you hansberry channel to purchase your products through shilp reforms are a number of product demos for us showing how customers can quickly reorder products that they’ve bought before but also browse new Options before making an informed choice we cover a multimodal especially voice enabled TVs will soon revolutionize online shopping Amazon’s vision for voice retail as a pain points that most retailers are currently trying to solve with voice shilp she has his advice for voice app developers who are just entering the retail space are we talk about voice search product discoverability the power of the canterville intent request and much much more this episode is supported by double lab lab are experts invoice development build custom digital assistant solutions to businesses also provide free video tutorials and code templates to help you learn to build your own voice apps at youtube.com / dab will find over

150 video tutorials for both beginners and experts containing step-by-step instructions for how to build apps for Amazon Alexa Google assistant Microsoft Cortana jovo Bixby and more as well as using industry-leading tools that just William bespoken watch the videos while coding pause rewind and implement the techniques they demonstrated a dab also offer free templates the building Alexa skills do you can download the code see how the Xbox right at themselves and then use it to get your own up and running in no time all the free templates are rats killed him plates.com and all the tutorial videos on YouTube.com / DAB so if you’re a voice app developer or you’re thinking of becoming one you’re going to want to check out this amazing Resource and take your skills to the next level I want to thank the lord for making This podcast possible have to be coming out first champion sponsor so the new voicetechpodcast.com medium is doing really well only lost it a few weeks ago and it’s already had thousands of Leeds

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so I’m here with shilp agrawal and the CEO of blutag Abu tigers company that lets customers search or browse your product catalogue on voice based devices such as the Amazon Echo Google home etc at real excited have shilp on the show me voice retail Guru and he’s been in the space for a while and company is going from strength of drink so she’ll come to the show looking forward to you tell him it’s all about voice retail by you give us a 11 in traverse town what blutag is are the kinds of the seven City providing and the kind of customers that you that you serve under 12 or 2000 hours in online sales in 2017 and that number is expected to go to 40 billion by 2022 so that wrote itself is twice as fast as what is off

mobile shopping and end with that said every video now needs of my strategy as they realise that this is a touchpoint they can’t ignore anymore so what blutag vs. B. I suspect that lets rebuilders deliveroo shopping experiences to their customers for shopping have any coding so you know it reduces friction for them to get to get the voice xxvi delivered this is a product that people connect to the existing e-commerce platforms that voice enables customers to order their products through voice as well advert that they’re getting channels ok that works as a number of Solutions out that companies coming out from different angles so what’s the blue tag way as yesterday is better heart FM connect right now we were initially connected with quickly the connectors and herbs in a pH do most of the popular in market platforms like shopify Magento ecommerce woocommerce and more

and re-adding bar at the same time we also want I can accommodate for any custom platforms with custom API endpoints so essentially from a retailer side you know you don’t believe that they need to do any additional development on there and because I am developing for voice is very different than typing for free, online so they can create a dick in connect to existing stores a lot of them especially their own any of these platforms like shopify able to connect their stores are just from the dashboard with just a few clicks by entering the the credentials from the inspector wants to connect with a platform the system gathers any of the metadata information needed or any other information needed to voice and remove the product catalogue and Attax goal is to deliver the best possible voice dialogue you can have with any part catalogue very interesting is there is there a training process that’s involved does the customer have to get involved in

and can’t you eat more data or is there a it some kind of iterative process or does it literally get everything after that first connect the best of the things that depends on the kind of data data DeVito already has so you know this later have better metadata information on the packaging on the products weather in Stockport occasion is groot all that how to spell system even if it’s not be updated our own intuition rules in the system there are enough for example it would take a look at that you can not just the part of title but it would also be able to look at animals from the image and Ranbir Kapoor style weather patterns and be able to are you understand what each product is going to happen intention when somebody searches for writing on occasion that persistence is better Gear according to the rules this product is most suited for 4 lets you barbecue in not done at that stage

economics seminars as you can see tagged them for those particular United fans and it just makes it easier for retailers you can start using natural language then I said yes obviously the richer than the database on the back and there’s easier the job it is but there’s always a way to supplement this information and sounds like you’ve got out of your employee number of different methods so you’re able to cope with many different types of data as it has pretty flexible Freddie pretty hands off from the from the customers point of view you write to if I was a customer and I’ve got an e-commerce store I’ve got loads of products and I connect to two your system what what experience can they can I expect to deliver to my customers via voice I fight can I tell my customer at the very next day and you can just announced this this akrans this kind of you know phrase and you’ll be able to start ordering immediately through our store or do I have to it is it something that supplements the website or is it something that works completely you know on its own just for a voice device something what’s the current experience the car

what is going to be so it really depends on the kind of use cases that you want delivered to your customers so for example I’ll be recently launched a basic model to Samsung basic model and it’s a pre-plan so any retailer who wants they can actually go online and sign up and spin after initial retail scale drop pattern literally until 5 minutes and publishing tested on an Alexa device and that mentality for example would let you do as a part of a basic plan would be to enable a personality are you let’s see if you do a deal of the day. If you have to be our users coming back for checking on daily deals or if you want to just you know inform people about the kind of Robbers you have your cat is it is it your or you’re explaining and that the each each year and we need to differentiate between their your clients they say you were let’s say your client and

and customer that your client would get a customer app and delivered from you guys branded I assumed released to the yes exactly to the app store the godly have for example depends on the kind of use cases that a return wants to deliver to their customers are you know the recently launched as basic plan which is a free plan and in that plan what a retailer can do is that they can go online straight on a website and sign up for a new account and essentially let you create a basic skill which has limited functionality zoffany for example coupons for deal of the day for putting in your store offers to return policy in our cancellation policy things like that and it lets you spin off the score in 3 to 5 minutes and you can literally I publish a dead school on your Alexa device within minutes and tested on your device and that’s going to be a pint at school

I am now and then you know you can upgrade to a program which lets you connect your product catalogue and that’s where you can start having a conversation with your with your product catalogue sky see that allows you to to get out of a test version of prototype up and running Chester to play with the system but in order to get your actual products into their you need to upgrade obviously I wish I liver fractions Cal but it just will have a limited functionality it does not let you kindly interact with a product catalogue and approaches but it lets you do a other functionalities like a coupon functionality if you want to notify people of articulate the baby won’t you if you work for example the app some stores that have a local events in their physical scores and it will be picking check for any events that are happening in there a retail location nearby societies they can actually production skill which is part of a prefect and wonderful and in this is I seem it’s on Amazon and Google

the guardian Politics name Google assistant excellent excellent and so that sounds pretty hands off as well from the the clients point of view and they fill out fill out form and then they get her to get to skills free of charge that’s that’s not a bad deal and get the presents of voice presents which is what a lot of companies are looking for at least two to dip their toe in the water and it sounds like that even the free plan is pretty pretty feature-rich and it certainly useful turn to the end customers anyway is it possible to do as some kind of demo do you have any kind of there anything you can play on it alright if not maybe we can walk through there a typical use Case lyrics of for example you know me to talk about jewellery customer who are not essentially has a daily deal that now they put out every day there’s a new deal everyday it’s price

because so do not use to be really popular offline where people would sign up by 9 shed for every day but now as a user you know you can you can do something like this I like her as his own jewellery for deal of the day

today we have a lab-created blue and white sapphire loved we’re spending 10.95 stone and silver for $17.99 would you like me to send you an email regarding this deal Grant sending you an email right now to this is just a basic example of what a what a b c d of the day would look like and you’re not getting everything people right now with charter building everything that’s a multimodal compatible so if you had a device with the screen are you can actually see department deal of the day on your screen that’s what I was going to ask her if she said it sounds emails not the only way that the product has is there the customer can actually see the product have you managed that ends and how do you know what device is the customers have done what you know what my dad at each other to send information through so that for example even when you’re doing

only that people are going to have different platforms are there going to be a gunner instructor jobs abroad the day they’re all going to quick search not that you might have an Alexa device at home that does not have a screen and you go to a car be the Google assistant device and then you might come back to another place where you going to the truth is that in these devices are going to coexist you know we might have a situation where you’re you’re driving your car with the Google assistant device in your car which does not have a screen then you go home and you have a device which is a different device with that it’s an Alexa device or any other assistant which has a screen so how do you make sure that you’re able to carry that conversation from a device with and without a screen is something that we’ve kept in mind and realise that mean people should be able to pick up their conversations from Regular staff especially now that with a lot of these new televisions and setup box is also coming with the voice device is built in people want to be able to have the option completely on board with that you’re moving the

three mobile phone you get into your new get into your home you start the Guinness speaking to the smart speaker am I sit down and start watching the TV which is voice enabled etc etc how do you how do you capture I see me so it is something that you are advising you at your work and your clients how do you capture the the information that you need in order to be able to send that the end customers that these these notifications that what devices are on what accounts they use I guess so I guess again customer wants sex once they sign up to this to the skills they enable the skill you you’re able to get the email address through account linking to those couple of different ways you know in some cases we are using account linking specially yeah you know some of the cases referred example of working with a medical devices company will they have a set of customers that want to reorder devices are there in a surprise for there for the office you know things like that but then we are using account linking to be able to provide

experience but now both Amazon and Google have kind of got no way there’s a lot of that account linking in order to reduce the friction under and I and consumers and sorted at an example would be that in especially when we look at item thank you but I can be reordered or purchase people are essentially religious enable their skills and we can use the word account that are logged in to the Amazon or Google accounts and at that point it does become like a seamless process of not having to go through that extra step darling in your account does that mean that have to link it originally is there is that one linking process and then the reorders don’t require it was that you are you talking about something when they never need to perform a chi how do you have any more details now and then that’ll be something I’ll be round just in hearing about us example would be that for example I’ll be helping other customers called Easy needs and that customer

do they sell a house of Boots in all day so they say that they have a lot of the beast are the taxes and they have a lot of loyal customer base following are people are ordering and reordering in a daily items like to charge and whether it’s coffee toilet paper and things like that and for them and they are leveraging that the power of not just login logging in with Alexa or Google price of things like I love is in the payment methods of of Amazon to Amazon pay as an example of that would be a 19 I would love to give you a kind of a quick example of other customers are able to do which does not require to happen in King and in in this case a customer which is go and say are you not enable easy needs are essentially just tried talking to easy needs and that aspect you know they would if they want to enable there email address they do have to follow that extra step of just giving permissions to their email address and there and their actual physical address

once that’s done but you’re not really trying to find another account in the shopify card 220 black answer an example of that control with something like this I feel so it’s there is there is a physical tap involved in that there’s a card or something sent to the mobile app I assume that they just authorise it and then it’s the way they don’t even want to show you an example of that kind of a customer with something like this and this is the kind of scenario there you know this is a unique skill is probably the most advanced are my shopping still out there today that is that is life and an example of that would look something like this Alexa start easy knit buy coffee buy toilet paper

previously you ordered Charmin ultra soft toilet paper 208 sheets for all 36 super girls in size 36 count for $27.98 would you like to add to your cart cart would you like anything else you can say check out anytime by diapers in size 3

UKIP huggies little movers diapers size 316 to \u00a328 \u00a3180 in size 3 for $49.98 would you like to add to your cart is an example of how you can you not just reorder but you can also do a browse off a product catalogue and and adding to your shopping cart and this will actually let you in once you said check out it can actually that you completely check out without ever having to use a screen so yes that initial type of giving the permission to any bring your school is there but at no point did you require to actually having to do to do that account linking where it sends you are the author or any of those methods are required as it doesn’t it’s not a requirement any more excellent ok well thanks very much like they know that for me that’s really interesting because I’ve been curious for awhile exactly what the process would look like

turn to buy something through voice interface I personally can’t stand shopping as I’ve said on the podcast anything that make shopping easier for me as it is a big win and I feel like can’t you know now I’m a pro at comparing the market on that you know through Amazon and through other websites I was digging deeper to get the better deals you know not not taking what you know what’s immediately offered to me but it is a headache and it really does take a lot of time is it exhausting sometimes and what you just showed that the ability to just reorder I can I can definitely say being used for that and that’s something I would certainly use it for at the browsing element of it and this is something I’m curious about we would you feel like you confident enough to to make a product vision based on that information alone or is it possible to dig deeper I went people know what they want to be able to browse to the quickly revise as opposed to having to the plot of the phone or Goodwill computer and that’s kind of what it does right now in and that’s honestly called Evie

most of the user’s right now most of the user’s right now is in the canteen areas where people need to re-order all the things quickly that they know what they want but they don’t necessarily need to go to a screen for that email and again once once if you’re buying diapers in your kids goes from a size 3 204 that should not want you to have to go to a screen again to do that browse search for 13 near you literally should be able to see that I want to see in diapers in size 4 and out so so those are the kind of scenarios where it is reordering but you are you doing slightly more than just wearing the exact same as Karen and Alice through a lot of shopping is like that grocery shopping again you know you just want a little bit of variety but you’re generally ordering the same stuff over and over set yeah I definitely think we’ve got a good idea how that the product now

voice chops Tuesday is a weekly newsletter to help you build better voice apps when you’re looking for research charts death charts or design tops there’s something in there for everyone just go to voicetechpodcast.com / newsletter and look forward to your Tuesdays blutag is there a textiles company I understand that you are accepted into the textiles the incubator back in October 2018 with the damage as standard in October so have you gone through the program and now you have investment from their legs up and as well I’m sure everything will be interested to hear about the process that you went through that went through for that because maybe there thinking of doing the same thing with their with their products or companies I could you give us a just a quick overview of what they were the experience was liking you know how it how you managed to

secure girls school the backing and then also work what that what the experience has brought you is when am at the text rising Alexa when was it was pouring another world really and I met with the hundreds of companies are they wanted to find the right fit for people are you know who help the overall Alexa ecosystem and the viceroy’s ecosystem man and that’s when we we we we we got to meet the directors of the programme boat from the tax Trust site and the likes of inside and you know it by Manish inclination was that delicious go there and see what’s going on in the voice space and I got an opportunity to demo what’s a building do the directors and every night I think I answered the card we had was I think really connected with them really well and I think we had immediate interest from from them what what kind of advice is stop with you what what are the bigger takeaway

you got from the process invoice are you always there’s a lot of noise about you know there’s a lot of you I’m sure you’ve had a lot of negative things in the past about voice is it going to work is not going to work especially when it comes to shopping but when when you go into a place where are you have others you are so invested in in the ecosystem of voice and I am especially when it comes to Amazon investor in the whole shopping ecosystem you you get realised I don’t really know what the scope of our universe vision that that that out there right now and you just inspired you little bit more to keep going and building what you believe in because but it really is something that you know we feel that is going to fundamentally change the way people not just shot by voice but fundamentally house shopping apps I can imagine the other inspirational environment what is Amazon’s Vision

for shopping obviously that these are small speakers what you’ve got now this just the first generation even they like their the mobile phones when they first came out in early clunky they just do a few things compared to what’s going to be with us in there in 510 years time it is just no comparison so Amazon must have one of the clearest visions of houses going especially in the retail space and what did they communicate that to you what was that part of the incubation excitement I think they were really excited about our vision as well because they they they do not they saw what we are working towards and it was almost like them coming back to us in telling us that you know what you really believe in what you’re building and I’m really excited about what you working with because we have that would be invisible in vision of the future is about and when it comes up with these devices yes you know this is absolutely the first version of these voice devices and now in as you’ve seen that these devices or are just the the voice assistants are coming

built into a lot of different types of devices whether it’s microwaves you know Clarks and things like that but but where it really starts getting exciting call is is this multimodal devices are now but the buyer TV on and with other devices are the television centre boxes that have his voice assistant built into it that way you will see the biggest impact in shopping specially now right now most of the shopping that happens over voice is primarily the kind of things that I just show it about mother is a re-ordering you know you’re at your toilet paper or are we ordering things that you don’t need to look at the weather in case of privately you do need to look at your what happens in case of action and and what I truly believe is that Industries like passion for fashion in general is probably going to be impacted the most with voice you know people are people bully people type is very different

double talk understanding somebody’s intent over voice and delivering them a personalized shopping experience is eventually how shopping has happened and that’s where it starts getting really exciting are you not allowed to think about him to look at and I know it’s not a natural thing thing to think about when you think about fashion invoice but but you know you like I said I truly believe that that’s going to be one yeah yeah that’s going to meet back to the most absolutely is a vision I’ve heard expressed as well no previous episode Andy Murray was there was telling us about how are most online shop these days and his Focus was there was Beauty it has a lot of clients in their the beauty and the tree which is obviously highly related to fashion a lot of these online stores and I like it I like her shops with no no shop assistants you know there’s there’s absolutely no there’s something no one there to guide you towards the purchase is your that you’re considering and fashion is it

similar thing right you need that you need some advice use some encouragement a tattoo by these things you need to be recommended things and this thing and then this can a processing in the real world happens to a conversation with it with a real person you know you walk into a shop in and your approach by the shop assistants so that I can imagine the are we need to replicate this is kind of dynamic through through our interfaces so we can have that same experience unlike you say right when you walk into a store and shop assistant only ask one question will they ask you how can I help you in and that’s what boy springs for you you can never replicate that question by your browser search and filter mechanism you know I should be able to go to my device and say that axyz store can you find me a blue dress to wear to my best friend’s wedding in a couple of weeks now you can see that was your trip but I would have must go as far as to say that my voice assistant actually knows a lot more about what I want to wear to my friend’s wedding in a couple weeks as opposed to that

assisting whatever now because now I have not just access to the intent that you have but I also have access to information on what does it take to personalise bad result for you and absolutely that these those platforms is just going together more and more data on us in one in 1 said we do want Hattersley for that person is experiencing let you know the whole privacy thing is another conversation but you’re absolutely right that they’ll be able to service better than than any other shop assistant will be able to behaviours that one somebody start spell United tractor good as you know right so the overall satisfaction reading on smart speakers is super high in others like a something like a 74 75% satisfaction rate in one that essentially means is that once a user performs a certain action over voice you know whether it’s something simple like checking the weather on Saturday in alarm they don’t go back to a screen to perform that function now you know you fast forward and you and you go back go to shopping when you start

results that are relevant to you when you start seeing products that there are very relevant to you because the the assistant now understand you intend is going to be really hard to change back and go back to a screen for those things I completely agree that I’ve had that experience through music using these are online streaming services because they I Tend not to now ask for a specific artists but rather just say play some relaxing musical play some jazz music I would ever and I rely on their the you know that the ait to make the prediction of what kind of relaxing music that I would like based on my previous lessons and imagine the similar thing will be there for absolutely ok so with painting her a pretty clear picture of why retailers need a voice strategies in order to be able to establish these these meaningful conversations with customers for the gather more data from them so that they can offer more personalized more relevant products and and obviously that sell more of perhaps in the in in the short-term off for 18 new service in the short-term but in the

turn compete if if this is really the way retail is going and then this is going to be table states for all retailers I’m interested but from there a ta retailers point of view so if I was a retailer and I’m thinking of voicemail ing my e-commerce site friends don’t send a mobile app what what tips what practices would you would you recommend and implement invoice out if I say I enter a business plan and if you’re an employee in YouTube apps not in the c-suite if you’re not running the company how can you sell this to you to your boss how can you promote a champion are in a in your organisation so that it’s taken seriously why your customer might say that you have to understand if you take a step back and see that he what makes them loyal towards me know and and and providing them with the way to connect with your brand in a way that that’s a lot more

are you know and it’s a lot more personal then then then like I said the browse filter and mechanism my nose and now it now when he comes onto the employees are you know what does it take for them to be taken seriously are you know it’s it’s so if you look at the current customers that behalf they they either on the same types of retailers and then again most of the customers that we have right now are the people who have reached out to us and we don’t really do much cos outreach yet I most of his customers that have the ones that are we start to us know these are you know you can probably categorise them into a couple of different types of people in 1 seater diesel perfume retailers that was when it came to digital, sorry, you know. You know all these are the one that missed out on those are you sure you do realise that game and also if they have bosses in order bosses metre

arise dad that retail is more competitive and competitive than it’s ever been and if they knew to be where the customer is then you’re not then this should not be hot sell for them because I bought some of the numbers of devices out there they’re the kind of number of households in and the percentage of people that actually happened was number speak for themselves and what am I doing as an employee that the best proof will be too it will be to set up a free a free version of the app for your platform to actually show something as opposed to just a selling item your selling an idea but the end of real proof will be in there will be actually making your first sale through it through a voice interface I’m in a bottle be able to her will be able to ignore those who are arguing whether it’s very PayPal around eyes and all the ones that started with the basics pill in Ibiza. Let’s just coming creator skill and these are usually happier individuals within an organisation that are Pop

not a c level execs and they’re just trying out and see how that in writing that it’s a good medium because I thought about this and various conferences let me try it out in when go out there create a scale and then I like you said in a few minutes you can actually do a Live demo in front of your boss is it looks like in and we should explore this so absolutely no I would never encourage anybody whose thinking about that do you not to to give that a try and see if that makes sense and ok so from on the other side of the fence that developers looking for retail clients is is is your solution something that an app developer an agency can use to deliver solutions for for their clients is it something that I made a man can get involved in all that really are a director business the company I work with a couple of agencies so you could depending on what agencies want to deliver with their clients are you know where we are more than happy to work with agencies and kind of Taylor report

stop finger do you want to provide their customers cos you’re depending on some agencies are focused on legs I just beauty products firm agencies might be focusing a little bit more on you know whether it’s in a sporting goods and things like that so yeah we we want to work with them to make sure that we can tailor our offering tours there needs so yeah I will definitely encourage any of the agencies that have customers that they want to provide this to do do do we shouting and let us know what we can do for them interesting you imagine it’s a great way to it right on your product as well as to get other professionals involved have then reach out to their customers and you get more feedback that way and you can now you can build a Seat Leon MP3 another done with built a bulk of the Spirit of Dayton oh really focusing on customer interviews you know what the customer wants obviously something that very extremely passionate about so you’re annoying talking to every customer understanding what they’re paying points are when you’re really building a product but that is what’s needed and we will have to do the same with an agency

because they understand their customers as well

what what what are the kinds of things you hear over and over again and M and what areas do or what pain points does do does voice cells particularly well husband even will not talk to them and see what they’re paying point is you read usually could be broken down into two different things for retail one is that they know that they need to provide certain voice experiences to their customers and they just don’t have the technical ability or skill to do it and house and they need apart from it’s cost-effective it’s not something that there have to hire a team for in and they want to spend it off and the second hand of customers that you not know that voice is going to be the medium rare doing you’re not there they are going out that it’s going to be an important touch point that they cannot ignore and at that point there trying to figure out that how did they find success with voice shop know how do they use this to what can they do to increase loyalty of their customers that are the same time

is this a place where they can acquire new customers and if so how can the use voice for acquiring new customers so those are the two essential in a different but similar pain points of of what customers are looking for the one you’re technically are they looking for with shopping success gonna gonna ok yeah it’s very interesting another another thing that customers are looking for is is branding I suppose it is that to develop that meaningful connection as to be able to broadcast what’s the word spread their brand message and then a brand identity I don’t previous episodes on invoice branding and one of them is that comes up at that really the jury’s out on at the moment is what voice do you use for your voice assistant that the lid mou just gave us was using the standard Alexa voice and live but obviously it’s it’s possible and I’m sure it’s on your road map if not already built the ability to customise the voice and and possibly even use their that the voices of that that come from the business

what are your thoughts on using voice actors synthesise voices vs they know the standard electro-voice every brand has his own personality you know there might be some brands that a little bit more casual than you know for example that once I showed you the car look like hey welcome back you know but there might be some more better more businesslike and they don’t want to use the Casual terminology so he almost use amino with these different personality seems that there are a retailer can use andante can customise them so depending on how do you like to treat their customers and what kind of don’t do you want to set for their particular brand is something that we are on today

how does that work in practice at work act as for example if so you know let’s taken a good look at example of browsing a private catalogue you know and if you are starting with a question do you want to start with a more casual questions and you can customise those questions in your platform so for example if I wanna in that it I want to respond to to equip and request be like that then you can read them as as Mr in agarwal is your next in we have your appointment also has your next after he is the next part of that you want to offer but we can just see you like the hey Sarah I just want some options for you you are my email goes to you so again those sound like they are not that different but it does serotonin for your brand that is important for Life different retailers of how to set the Dials within these are options though that these are actually like prebuilt options that the customer can choose

read after write at themselves it’s not just a style guide it’s actually pretty much exactly are customising them a taxi from the dashboard to really customise a personalised Chinese if you need if you want to but you don’t have to think of everything from scratch customised as much as you want ok good stuff to stuff the last thing I wanted to talk about was voice search discoverability and related to that Analytics there somebody else but I am interested voice search in it and how people discover the product through voice and you keep hearing you know more more such as these days are conducted through voice and how does that relate to to to your platform and I assumed by voice enabling of what an e-commerce site you in tinder inherently make it more

coverable through my search it is that a correct assumption is now being built into these bathrooms are essentially what’s happening is that will be pretty much going to go through the same journey as we did with the commas go in early days a week, you have to first be the site and then optimise that for your SEO and you know when you have the right keywords the chances of your site and discovering Google where higher and once everybody was optimised for bad enough then came paid search are so similar if you look at an example of of Amazon Alexa you know a comparative would be to this year would be the can fulfill in 10th request so for that you once you create your skills to handle request for example if you’re creating your sense behind a little quiet here if somebody asks for in a blue dress to wear to

hope you’re not a friend’s wedding in and it’s a summary I can handle that request and in that case and and it’s already happening on the platform is that when you as certain request if Alexa to text that you you know there’s a right skill for that it’s already recommending those please for you but I can recommend X Y Z cell for you do you have to send you some recommendations of what level does that go to that’s something I’ll be interested to hear about because I know that you can you can their fulfillment in intensive for purchasing preferences but purchasing a blue dress for a party I mean that sounds very specific does it does it really go to that you can’t leave you if you to do that it does recommend Oscars depending on the phrase that you’re doing and the phrase that you were any sharing so you would like a man more about my recommended specs for that then you have to have this manually specify that in in your app description then let everything that you do right down to the individual products you do you have to have the whole gang of men

Infant and request so you’re not just like a just like I see you when you have to optimise these meta keywords are you happy after my manicure roads and all that data just like that what we do is that we are depending on all the information that we have one product catalogue you know whether it’s the style the colour of the revised occasion we create our skills for holidays in Tenerife a ver particular types of customers that somebody trying to target we would work with them to customise knows what are the box as well as skills do come with intense built-in that handle a lot of these callbacks that happened on normal answer to have your pick up your skill discovered by new customers searching for something in particular that you offer one of the season continue update that do you like that as they update the product catalogue resume you need to regularly update these things that and put on you and you version of the app or is it

it does require currently does require you publishing this kg and every time we publish a new version 8 update stand with whatever new information we have made that B invasion and then you know the same thing happens right now is that a lot of times you know I’m sure in the question gets asked me I get the last lot is like why do I need to do it today when you know that usage is not very high should I just not wait when there’s more people using it and when I think I go you know I go back to the same thing I need is a bee, singer today getting discovered and you’re not getting yourself and Neighbours on these devices are has value to it and you know it is important to to get there early to get a bigger install base in if you want to call Dad and I End and unlike mobile devices where are you now you have to install an app and then you have to remove it when you are a space these are sitting on your accounts it doesn’t take up any spirits In The Cloud wanted to me build it sitting there and I am beautiful just having that new Land Rover if that’s what you call it that’s what you need to do but it needs

to happen now because they’re not there in a blender like we talked about earlier if you miss out on this just like me be a lot of people missed out on some of these other elements and then you’re playing catch up and I want to do that I’m feeling I’m feeling the FOMO now yeah that’s what they do as a full-time job they just running all the searches to see what what comes back of the top result and then designing skills with these fulfillment requests or whatever in order to answer those queries and I’m doing pretty well out of it I think then because not many people doing it but you know you wait a year or two and then say that you know will be table Stakes again

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I love with me about the stats Analytics I’m interested in knowing what kind of data Analytics your product offers now can you see what kind of requests people are asking and their devices that lead to being discovered in her own obviously the request people are asking why the wrong though that the e-commerce website at what level of granularity do you offer that we do everything that goes across the platform is recorded your system and we do have a various reports that let them enough for example in a lot of the retail Focus ones that what are the top search products what are people looking for in a what are the products that you not to look for out of stock UN based on that be able to provide them certain recommendations if you want to call them then you know this is the kind of information that they need to provide but obviously you know a lot of the you’re not the the reporting that differ from enterprise customer wants customised report for their needs variable to do that but as the days go by they’re adding more and more posted them based on in all the customer interviews that we do and what there

meet her but right now we do have basic reporting that lets you you understand what each user is by performing what actions there performing how often they are checking for for example or coupons half of Rickenbacker cedars deal of the day you know what are the products that I care what are the top of legs are getting added to the shopping cart do voice and and you’re not from some retailers we’re able to understand that they actually have increased some of the Rio drink because of boys because they actually added that item through voice more and they’ve added in the past two screens and anyone that does does products of what they have done over Voice has been has been a different kind of learning for them so you know how to write voice and lyrics steffany is it is important information one of the really valuable things to be to to find out is what a customer is asking for that we’re not able to deliver on what are there that the failed requests and

so we don’t currently start can you do this money like that let you know left on the table said alright so I think I’ve got a pretty good idea how about the state of Boise, certain and how to get starting out of your products I was very compelling and yes certainly \u20ac1,000 selling things online then I’ll be there might be something that I’d be very interested in giving a go what’s it what’s your story then how did you how did you get into device Centre and up per our founding blutag Elaine jewellery business which I started back in the early days of e-commerce universes are there is not a VC backed business where I had the luxury of in building a brand by spending alarm at me I was a business that apart from somebody here in New York in the Diamond district and Reeve large data so obviously initial days we did all the lights times all the optimisations

I know things are looking really good but then he did come across not 2007/2008 when it really no, County wasn’t doing good and selling things people than it was definitely excited so am I. That’s kind of an item will be back in time in 2008/2009 Estrada looking a lot of you know you could call it data Science but I was very raw data Science and I’ll give you a example of can I would be dead back in those days where I was almost like we knew that anybody who came to buy an engagement ring was somebody you know who we are spending a lot of money on the Gospel Choir that customer was extremely high but at the same time we also knew that that customers somebody’s going to pay to $34,000 to buy a product online you want to keep that customer right so how can we if you can even take some of those customers and meet then maybe make another purchase or buy the reading banned from us it was a start we got a sense are you know so

we were almost every created a system review would literally look at you know when that customer visit the site again after buying an engagement ring and you know most developed a little team of people to literally drag and drop create some newsletters that were personalised but there needs bullets eBay wedding bands or a matching men’s beard and things like that and and and and not even bother to go to step for the Rosetta you know what they’re going to get married let’s just add new category of of bridal party gifts you know it’s maybe it’s am mother of the bride earrings our father of the bride cufflinks and that’s the kind of sad that really changed for business around annoying and it is really turned it around where we we now had something that makes sense to us being and since then for me it’s always been about not knowing what the end consumer wants and personalizing there a delivery for them and Advent is Reus devices for the coming into parents ugly

instantly was something that but I I knew that understanding people’s intend using voice and delivering personalised shopping is everybody and all shopping is going to happen so you know that’s all that’s happening to blue tack was born in hours and a lot of lessons overview of your career and The Division makes makes complete sense it’s an inspiring one and it’s one that im sure will well that will last or willing to offer I have 400 for a number of years to come and there’s a way to go until we had to be really solve that problem so I wish you the best of luck and shout thank you very much for sharing your experience with us today in great to have you on the show

ok so you just heard from shilp agri vals the CEO of blutag a voice retail solution that lets customers such as browser product catalogue on voice enabled devices that sort of the day I hope you enjoyed listening as always you can find the show notes with resources mentioned in this episode voicetechpodcast.com if you enjoyed the episode there’s many ways you can support me you can tell one friend or colleague like this episode of course are you going to leave a quick review on iTunes I haven’t had a review in a little while so it’d be great to get one up there voicetechpodcast.com / iTunes if you want to do that and take 2 minutes and you can also write for the blog and I was looking forward for guest authors writing on the subject of anything related to voice as voicetechpodcast.com / publish to submit your article link or you can become a sponsor voicetechpodcast.com / donate are your contribution really does make the show possible as super quick and easy to become a sponsor on patreon that you can literally complete the whole process in under a minute and you’ll feel great after doing our promise

so I’ll be back soon with another episode but until then I’ll be your host car Robinson thank you for listening to the voice tech podcast

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