Voice Search for eCommerce – Mike Page, Phebi Inc – Voice Tech Podcast ep.042

Mike Page Phebi

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Mike Page is the co-founder and CEO of Phebi, Inc, a voice search SaaS solution that makes it easy for customers to talk to e-commerce websites. We discuss how and why adding contextual voice search to your website can increase user engagement and sales, improve data privacy and regulatory compliance, and help you develop a closer relationship with your customers.

We discover that training custom speech-to-text models (STT) such as Phebi’s allows for some interesting use cases outside of e-commerce, and how having access to the raw audio allows us to customise search results using gender and emotion detection. We learn how audio data quality can affect STT results, and how to use analytics to improve STT and NLU performance. Finally, Mike explains why it’s wise for companies to opt-out of the surveillance economy.

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