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Dustin Coates is the Voice Search Go-to-market Lead at Algolia, a Search-as-a-Service provider based in Paris, France. Algolia processes up to 4 billion searches a month for over 6500 client products, including big names such as Twitch and NPR.

In our conversation, you’ll learn all about the 4 pillars of a search system; the indexing of data, relevance configuration, search queries, and the display of results. We discuss the nuances of voice search, context dependent searches, and the differences between searching on mobile vs a smart speaker. We also cover the challenges of talking to websites, discovery vs search, and much more.

Dustin shares his advice for voice search developers, including how to integrate voice search into your apps, and the most useful tools and technical resources. Dustin’s deep technical experience really shines though in this interview, and one of the few true voice search experts.

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welcome to the voice Tech podcast join me Carl Robinson in conversation with the world’s leading voice technology expert discover the latest product tools and techniques and learn to build the voice app to the Future

having voice search on your mobile website on your mobile app for having a scale and an accident is really telling your customers hey we know where things are headed and I were at the Forefront of what’s going on

hello welcome back today’s episode is entitled voice search results and what you’ll have my conversation with Dustin Coates The Voice set go to market lead algolia a such as a service provider based in Paris France up to four billion search is a month for six and a half thousand Klein products and can you pick names such as twitch and NPR and in our conversation you’re going to learn all about search when I won first week of it at the basics of such systems which is indexing of data relevant configuration such queries in the display of results Adam took what the difference is I when it comes to voice one of the examples was that misunderstandings week of some of the NLP pre filtering techniques and contact dependent searches I will talk about the differences between such a mobile device is smart speaker and we discuss the current challenges around talkin to websites while people didn’t do it and some of the projects on the way to tackle this

I will say talk about Discovery vs such as the ways in which we can help uses find what they really want Justin then she has his advice for voice text as I explained how to integrate voice search into it and I share some of the most useful tools and Technical Resources to get off the ground dance with voice search really shines during his interview it was a real pleasure to learn about the subject from him and I’m sure you’re going to enjoy listening to it just is also releasing a book through Manning publishes who I’m pleased to announce all the latest champion sponsor of the voice Tech podcast. Be telling me more about money in a future outside I have a pen I was just a heads up that we’ve got some free copies of Dustin’s book to give away as well as discount code for 40% of all Manning books including Dustin so listen to the episode details about both of those

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I’ll double lamp tutorial at the week is actually from today’s guest Dustin Coates Highway takes you through and easy 20-minute tutorial for implementing algolia voice search into an Alexa skill so you can listen to today’s episode the guy good understanding of voice search and in front of the tutorial put the theory into action it’s also conference season I’ve got two great conferences to tell you about I had the first is the superbug conference 2019 Voice assistance chatbots and II and they got speakers from Amazon Google IBM twilio Discovery and many more will happening on April 2nd in San Francisco California is in the show notes and if you use the code voicetechpodcast.com 5% discount that’s why I’ve also very kindly become a champion sponsor of the show and they sent me a power free tickets to give away I said she went to the prize draw for a free Power tickets just email me at, voicetechpodcast.com and also like to win out in the next week to get the code for both of those two

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okay so now it’s my pleasure to bring you today’s guests Dustin Coates

okay so I’m here with Dustin Coates the voice search go to Mike Italy. I’ll go there that’s than welcome to the show thanks Carlos it’s great I’m really looking forward to this yeah me too I’ve been looking forward to it for a while and voice search size it really interesting areas can have a huge impact on the industry thank you for welcoming me to algolia headquarters to discuss that beautiful face growing like wild so who knows what’s next but it’s a great place for our largest office worldwide but Paris is really are sort of the hearts of all we do is Messi on the product side fa’sho fa’sho yeah they are such a specific avoid such a by now working in voice of course as you going to tell us a bit about that before you do can you give us a quick background is to like what led you to be like in Paris what led you to walk in and such and I’ll go there and I will get ya so the story the story is I was visiting a friend of mine

and and Malawi in central Africa I had a day long layover in Amsterdam flying out from New York on the way to Malawi add a long layover in Paris on the way back and I expect it’s a really like Amsterdam and I expect for me was actually completely the reverse I had 8 hours in Paris and dry nose 8 hours I decided to leave Brooklyn and I move to a point so I started looking for companies in Paris who are doing interesting things technically and algolia fit the bill perfectly so I joined when we are 20 25 people a few years back and now we we really just ballooned I believe we’re about 350 to 4 now been doing really well it’s been great to skate up close and obviously living in Paris has been it’s been fun it’s been a challenge it’s been everything all rolled into one yeah sounds amazing sounds like a real Jenny Doan on the nice to make it white living in a foreign country it’s a it’s a real adventure and you’ve gone through that

start up Adventure is Mount so yeah congratulations and then what are they do so that means a Wii power the search that powers thousands of different websites and applications I believe they are latest numbers are aware over 6,500 I don’t remember the number but I think it’s 3 to 4 billion searches every single month go through algolia and what I say is that you probably used algolia without knowing it before we power the search for twitch for example you’ve ever search for a video on Twitch you’ve actually used algolia how are they search for a lot of Open Source projects because we want to give back to the community and just tell if you searched on Juno Reactor react native all those who are powering up

what people do as they send us their data we provide a search engine technology they can customize how the relevance and ranking and all that’s in the display and then worsening Outback in under 15 milliseconds interesting. I seen widgets on websites such as Google you know that kind of ugly stuff by owner of that, think so much more advanced the way I like to think of it as we set sort of in-between something like that or you have almost no control over it and something like elastic search elasticsearch this open source projects it’s really great fantastic tool but it’s also super complex and quite expensive as well because you need people who really know what in an ounce and nuts sometimes just a single point of failure within a company with algolia

we trying to make it powerful secure while also building a tool that’s business people marching people can understand as well

okay great that you couldn’t say who are on your typical customers and they can you give us an idea of who use I’ll go to that big company smoked companies it’s it’s everything really is everything we think of it if you need search on your website if you have products if you have documents if you have any thing where people needs a source that information we’re going to be good at it so anyone from e-commerce media we have some things for using us we have a lot of companies are using us for internal knowledge as well again if you have if you have information that should be easier to discover then that’s really where we’re going to come in and just opens up so many questions about data privacy and what level of customization there is I’m sure we can we can go down the rabbit hole but that’s it that’s a good and that’s good quick intro at least internet so I’ll get it. But that’s not the only thing you do right so I know you were at your prolific in the in the boys face and that many listeners were already ahead of you

what’s on coast of the soil that podcast can you tell us all about that bass year in France and we’ve actually never met each other before only separated by that channel on and never met each other so I got involved with that because you started that’s about a year ago and I am not the only on Twitter or not it’s a Super Active on social media by just happen to be on that day and mentioned to someone that he didn’t have the the technical background and was interested in getting into technical topics so I tweeted out and said hey you know I’ve got the technical background let’s chat see if we can do something together and you know we’ve been producing podcast it’s been a lot of fun and it’s a real good opportunities as I’m sure you know as well to meet people here within the community and then learn what people are doing well.

Michelle is on 7 plug is talking to computers since you know like a lot of technical blogs I wish I could ride in Warren it’s really just covering things that I find interesting and I think people might find interesting from a technical rest now there’s a lot of people looking at voice from a business perspective and obviously very interesting but you know me as a developer I want to know hey how can you build this stuff and in the book is is really the way I described it as the block and books one it’s it’s more than that for sure because it’s not just me taking in the blog articles but it is again geared towards developers specifically people who have at least a baseline understanding of JavaScript because you know we’re not teaching programming from the very beginning in this book

those developers who want to understand what are vux best practices and then how do you take those and apply them to building Alexa skills and actions for Google Assistant okay so it’s brake system developers did you know that God let that the basics and about and I want to get into voice so it takes them from the from the from the very beginning Building 13 for Jax doing voice app and I all know what programming languages and problems to deal with that so we’re using JavaScript and we’re building for Alexa and for Google Assistant to Major platforms and also what you learn there you’ll be able to apply to other platforms that might come out here you know other situations as well and and you’re absolutely right it’s from people who have never built a voice application before and the goal here is to change hopefully the way you think about it so that you’re not just going step by step

it’s not a serious tutorials but it’s actually you know how does this ultimately for the underlying concept the principles allows you to think about you know how the program The Voice which is a completely new paradigm it says right different to anything that people have done before so we do need to go back to basics and now and go from the yeah that’s right you know I’ve been working on this now for for over a year-and-a-half and it’s been a lot of fun to to see how everything is grown and changed since then and we work to date the book as well so I’m pretty confident that when it comes out and its final form which is going to be in a few months you can already purchase it in an early release when is out in its final form is going to be something where you’re able to go and immediately bilities application them and release them out to the world around you have a release date set yet I believe the target release date as end of May early June but like I mentioned my publisher

what they do is they will actually released books early and so you can follow along as the author is writing it online so you know you’ll get updates as it’s updated but all the chapters are out now I am in the process of going through and making coffee at its end and responding to reader feedback but the sort of the base of its of all the chapters are out now and then when it’s finally out in may-june then you’re going to be the final copy as well okay on that subject the Publishers have been very kind sale price fui promo codes for free if you’re interested in Reading testing book for free pre-release and watching it develop time release date we have to do is just drop me an email to call voicetechpodcast.com let me know why you want the book and I’ll choose a number of a lucky winners at random and sending out a little slow at 40%

discount code. Knopf you guys all I mention out of the end of the show before we move on to the voice search then one last hug it’s so quiet and some videos for the producer you know more than 150 I think tutorial videos on the on the on the YouTube channel and you are actually producing videos but I was just on there and so they’ve lately had I think they call it a dabbling with experts are dab wax. Something like that and so they had me on to talk about a couple different subjects the first video was building an action with the actions spk and then this most recent video actually is implementing voice search with algolia so size in really well with all the talking about you that I couldn’t be by the timing and the last episode

inviting a such thing as the real subjective that the podcast just give us a brief overview of the state of the market with a gun stew at the boys size when the moment was likely to come around so you know what we like to see in in 2019 how people using at what devices are using it most on these kind of thing voice search what’s happening is companies and people are just getting there if we think of you know a newborn calf for example you know it’s a little difficult for them to stand up at first and there and they’re still figuring it out and that’s that’s where the market is right now so what we’re seeing as bad as you know I was really lucky to be here and I’ll call you in a time where

this is this is really taking off and what we saw maybe a year ago is we saw a trickle customers coming to us and saying hey by the way what are your voice capabilities but now we’re saying is that every single week my my schedule is just full speaking with with customers in conjunction with our selsema conjunction with no all of our teams here because there’s so much interest picking up even outside of the people are asking us about it often will mention it and calls as well and and you’ll see people’s eyes light up they’re not ready to start implementing yet but they go okay this is definitely the future it’s what we need to start thinking about

interesting and that’s because I heard about it intensify the hype online these kinds of things or is that because that customers are asking them will they seen stuff happening on my on my web properties except for I mean what’s the weather getting that. Fomo from and I can try I think it’s a little bit of hearing about it online quite a bit I’m sure that in some Industries at least more than others you’re having and media for example it’s going to be a lot more prevalent say construction they see where this is headed and what we see is that our customers who are either a little more tech-savvy or want to present to the world at Hayward tech savvy brand they’re the ones who are really latching onto voice because having voice search

on your mobile website on your mobile app for having a scale and an accident is really telling your customers hey we know where things are headed and sort of at the Forefront of what’s going on for sure for sure or yes but the idea doctors in the people you want to represent you know they’re on the 4th of the technology I can have somebody see that but what is it that people have been researching for through license prices these days either that people are performing more conversational queries where before what you would do if you imagine a search baits and Cesar Faison Amazon you have the search results on the rights you have on the left would have called facets which is simply a waste of filter through those results

on in a graphical user interface what you’re going to do is you’re going to type in aquarium maybe just a box and then on the left hand side you’re going to go less than $25 on clicking on that from 2019 on clicking on that as well

what people can do now and they’re and they’re sort of just figuring it out because over 30 years 25-30 years we trained ourselves have a search online Google search what people will learn soon and they’re starting to learn a little bit as well as I can just type all this into a search box I can type books by Mark Twain books in 2019 but in theory from 2019 and all that can work till we’re seeing some of that and there were also saying a lot of boys just being a new input and there’s a pricewaterhousecoopers study recently about to head a lot of really personal stats when it came to voice but the one that stands out to me the most is 71% of people would rather search through voice then use a keyboard and when we

talk about boys being such an early days so often the fact that it’s already at 71% says is really that’s very encouraging and obviously calculus and relaxer and I’ve been really amazing how quickly my girlfriend start using it when I first thought it was a stupid idea on the weather in a few queries especially the Google Assistant because I feel like it’s a it’s a little bit more responsive in his little bit better and answering questions now it’s the go to method of sections at the end of the such as getting more and more complicated you know like really asking if the things that is just incapable of delivering at this point but I get into it really takes hold very quickly and then you can you get out of the bank and I like it really is. Going to Pentax Improvement on them but we have to thaw exactly what you said you know my situation exactly the same my wife when

she’s first encounter this it was Hey Google lights on and and now it’s hit a bit of a problem because in the past that we argued about something I could convince her I was right about it but now it’s easy enough for her to say hey Google what’s the real answer for the well wait until they even more of a memory and then you can prove that you are right in an argument of Eric at 7 intensive like what people said she’s looking at is it possible to divide that into some major categories are you why are the three top three or four things people typically search for on the show for us what we do is we have each customer has their own search indices each customer as their own search so their customers are only going to be searching through their information so we don’t really see necessarily Global Trends but we do see is that increasingly like I’m in tune there is a demand for a search and so I would

imagine that what we’re saying probably can be extrapolated to the broader market and what we’re saying is that media and e-commerce are two areas where this is happening a lot to me too honey, but I certainly wouldn’t I certainly wouldn’t down play as well the opportunity inside business I think there’s a lot of opportunity for businesses that have a business intelligence conversational queries or even more areas that you wouldn’t consider for example manufacturing farming all these are ones where I think we’re maybe seeing the the small peek into possibility what can happen there but if you think about how voice and really add to those experiences or attitude at work there’s a lot of opportunity there when we finally got that I have seen media and what you said

Thomas and other loved hanging fruit is that these cases of mold concrete I’m never able to be magnetized more easily right now and so people know when you take a chance for that

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in terms of what people are searching for right now I seem that equal as a distant book is product searches media it’s not asking for a particular children or type of music on and you know on Spotify all these or something and it depends on on the the use case against you know we’re doing individual individual customers have their own individual search for example one of our customers and armor spaces is Birchbox here in French and so they have they literally just have a mic on their mobile website and tell people was her soup products there where is we also have a customer of ours which is XD XD has the world’s largest Android forum Forum stand threads and information on devices as well and so people there are searching for for threats and post using a voice input to be a surprise if I’m kind of size again

that must I mean I can imagine such a reform without some kind of visual feedback is that the amount of information that comes back is it a particularly Genesis at it so you can write anything in the form and where they happened just on their mobile experience what we’re seeing today is that most of our customers are interested in adding voice to mobile-first okay turn of harkening back to what you said earlier the proving of the ROI it’s a lot easier to prove Roi when you already have a mobile app for mobile websites the one of the pieces of advice that I give companies now is just put a mic on it be like if you if you want to get started with voice that’s the easiest way to do it with Alexa will do boss at some of these boys first application see you have to think up a new application you can’t we said this about mobile you can’t take your website and put on mobile it was true but

even more true for Boise you can’t take her mobile app where you can take a site and create a voice application and put voice on it I’m alright so that’s not such an exeggcute subjects in in and of itself I’ll go to that I was wondering if you could give us like an outline of the main elements of any such application so we can understand that I’m aware of things like you know, the query and indexing the content for light bracket retrieval I’m sure there’s a lot more to it than that so yeah if you could give us and then we can talk about what’s different with voice for major areas of configuring the relevance you’ve got the searching and you got the display of the results of returning the results

indexing data is often the same

in terms of Boise compared to the web but there could be some differences and you know you might not want to search to full text through voice maybe you do I really depends again on that used to be in the shower so that it’s ready to be searched okay so it’s that you would send you put a catalog and then you would then the search Vidal a wood structure at in a way that was more easily read by computer is more easy access for one of the top of where you’re going to throw us to retrieve those things as quick as possible so I guess you have to choose. Database or something and the interesting thing about us

we’re keeping that data and memory are gold generally is to have searched processing time of less than 10 milliseconds you keep a role in memory and then acted memory rum and then what about relevance then what’s this so that’s where you go in and you would same these are the items that I want someone to search so let’s think about Alex again I want them to search through the title I want them to search to the description and through the category

and this is how I want it to be ranked so for example I might have numerical values like price popularity and let’s say March in the next time I go okay well we have popularity buckets and was almost a these are the top 10 10 11 through 20 21 through 30001 buckets and we rank all of our results based on that after all text real relevance by marginal my friendship high price but essentially what you’re doing in there as you’re saying okay how do I best match with a user is looking for to what we have in our index on a voice side that goes not just in terms of the right thing but also the matching as well including things like

what are the types of terms that people are using what we have and I’ll call you in any good search engine is going to have this you can add synonyms in their front so if I want you to say coat and jacket let’s assume those are the same thing for this purpose I can do that but it also works as well with voice for misunderstandings to have you go into your analytics and you don’t know why are people searching for boats and you go oh well it’s not that we have Sailors are that it’s it’s because the speech-to-text is misunderstanding Coates so we can go in and out of synonym and say hey we don’t have any boats in there so let’s go ahead and boat to coat just to cope with the guy that misunderstanding you can also

what we like to add as well as personalization so much of these conversational interfaces live or die based on how much they know about that you be official until we have that actually built into the internet so you can either boost or lower items yourself or we have what we call clicking conversion tracking but really that be anything maybe asking for more information on a voice application could be at Flix and actually going down a certain path and we use that so re-rank results go to okay okay and then such I mean how is searching different to two relevant to me sounds already like yeah it’s it’s it’s very similar and you could probably group these together

searching there’s something that you might want to do at the exical query time compared to the indexing time with voice while we generally do as we say pay all those stop words and stop words in the search bar Landstar things like a and the things that don’t really provide a ton of value when you’re trying to match a query to a result go ahead and ignore those a weed also ignore worlds as well so Coates & Coates functionally the same thing dude and then was often like to do as well as I like to go in and say all those words and Aquarius so let’s say for example red coats for a cocktail dinner let’s all those words as optional and then an architectural relevance let’s sort the results based on how many words are matching so if I don’t have anything in my index that is red coat

cocktail dinner

but he might just be Redcoats dinner or Red Hook cocktail those are still relevant results and there are a lot more relevant than just wrecked or code for dinner and so we’re going to rain so it’s higher

and then the final thing that we would do on the search side is something within algolia specifically that we called query rolls

the way I visualize search especially voice searches we have a haystack and there’s some needle inside of it that we need to find okay we could go through a stop by Haystak and try to find that needle but it’s a lot easier if we make

progressively smaller Haystacks until it’s really easy to find that you don’t so with our Queer as well we might do is say if you got any of those filterable that I use like maybe Brad corresponds to a color dress corresponds to a tight and dinner corresponds to an event then go ahead and filtered just on those so now we’re only searching through that small subset and so the whole index do you take the the things that are most selective bust you apply those are supposed to looking for that the meantime that’s right that’s right exactly why you would think about doing it right you would think I would start with the more General in and what was most specifically said it from your pops is Ashley what’s the other way around still to narrow down what were looking through so that it’s easier to ultimately find something that’s relevant to the user okay before you said that context is everything

how does include contacts in besides there’s two ways that the first way is through the personalization I would just mention which is very much about the structure and the other way that we might do it as well is also the developers we give them a lot of tools we give them a lot of power and we’re not forcing them into any specific implementation so you might say okay well when somebody searches in the morning then I’m going to have a different context and I want to make sure it’s through the evening if I’m a restaurant search in the morning I might boost up results of restaurants that serve breakfast in the evening I might boost up results of restaurants at all so far and so taking into account those pieces of information further allow us to to reduce at a stop okay so this is especially painful I’ll go there because you’re servicing six and a half thousand clients

somebody I’m starting a run for sample it was a small design found I could make it personalized this stuff for each triangle Custom Sounds and shame that this is something to always pay attention to what’s the what’s the contact is that such has been the phone then one of our adventures is we know search and you know your business so we want Sarah to support you to grow that business are what’s my goal was that you get more customers more users or whatever and we’ll help you with a search and will allow you to bring your your business knowledge combination what about devices that night so we’ll talk about things before and it seems I didn’t even charitably that I don’t think I’ve had some stats on this in America most of the boys I just leaving next month because of the price what was the differences between the different devices and Times of what people are searching for how they searched under any considerations for development

keyword Focus again we’re seeing some changes there was still more to work Focus where’s voice first is very much more conversational for your way or jamming everything in there all once there’s also the difference in regards to how I think of voice first voice only and boy said we’re voice added is that mobile experience or maybe a TV right yeah I think I saw you write a blog post on that invoice added maybe I’m just putting on my lights on it right and in that case you know I can display more structures on second display more information and I also don’t need to have that conversation about for on a voice first voice only situation that position zero. We’ll talk about that’s so cute

I’m so important and also

as well I do need to have a conversational back and forth because the user when he or she wants to act on those results are going to speak again where is on mobile you make that query and then maybe you top OK interesting site it’s a sound to me like that really at it’s all about the screen is the other modalities you and how much that’s involved in in the process of liquidating with Dixie a black box just a smart speaker then it has to be for the conversation are you really have to pay attention to the results. Coming back to the screen. More flexibility and you come more options available to members are starting on mobile because you know we know that the the conversational design it’s it’s it’s something that you need to learn over time where is with mobile they already have those people in the house you know that very well

it sounds like a voice only vomits a lot more what because it’s it’s a newer you have any more creative you have to come up with an original use case it was better on a Voice sign into FaceTime then it would on a screen otherwise you’d might as well be able to the screen right now we have to think of some completely New Year’s get in there and we’ll see more and more every time but yeah the moment I think he I feel looking to just get into voice and Implement some kind of shocked and appalled that it makes complete sense that to put on the mobile

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yeah it’s interesting that mobile he’s so it’s obviously easier from the musical standpoint as well because you know you’re used to talk into your phone where I do not sell used to taking out your laptop and yeah much atonement Fountain I would say I am not sure whether it’s most these days but good part of browsing online is done on a desktop and yet it feels a bit clunky it feels a bit with be talking to your desktop do people do that is not I don’t think they only part of that is is the toiling that’s available to developers Implement as well this is something that’s been a real challenge over the past year and ended more is if you want to build poison to your website’s you have two choices you can only support Chrome and importantly not Chrome on iOS because that’s really just Safaree robbed and the phone or you have to pull a third party

and Implement. It’s not super easy to do we recently just release some code that shows people how to implemented using Google Cloud platform speech to text but I still an addict aux. No people have to consider when they’re implementing that’s my hope is that spied end of this year all the major browsers will have speech-to-text implemented natively I know firefox’s is hopefully just around the corner and safaris going to be the last major holdouts okay I guess I’m just trying to Imagine by the time this stuff comes around I feel like boys some the other problems would have moved ahead and then I went with when moving towards and I hope we had this boat will get that sooner rather than later like a uh just going to voice environment where is my where we are in the realm of what we’re looking at we can issue commands at that point you know like what was going to be listening to us is it the small speaker over the phone or to some kind of massive everything

so I didn’t really feels like if everything if everything could have much is together then will we really need a voice enabled browser or will the Browns have already connected to everything else that we dating with I know just give us what we want and it’s just another measurement the output device on the one hand having the the browser you know I’m connected to everything else that I think is really interesting it also scares me a little bit as well because it could easily become the situation where you are so dependent on these walled Gardens so to speak but you have the Safari Siri. And you know about the Google Google home Garden Alexa I finger you know it’s going to sort of stand on its own as much as a nurse

you know diet diversity is quite interesting but you also lose a bit on that as well like you are mentioning earlier with the context and with these boys applications knowing about us unless you’re super privacy-minded and even if you are you have to at least understand or see that there is some value that comes back from now from that or else people wouldn’t be interested in these gas interesting point I’m alright so if I wanted to implement voice into my applications today we’ve obviously I’ll go lyrics as a good choice so I can go that you said it didn’t you deal with company large and small so it’s something even individual develop what were the major steps does it take to get up and running and then what we need to do to get into a product yeah if you are implementing this on a mobile application or mobile website in and you only really care about Chrome then you can get it implemented within the day

if you’re wanting to build out a voice application is going to the obviously take a bit longer but the time that is taking there is not really the sort implementation it’s the creation of the voice application the our goal here is to really care about the developer experience and part of that is is building and providing these tools that allow developers to quickly turn around and build something into their applications

other options that you can recommend obviously a biased but if I was really privacy-focused or if I was you know that sound doing the open-source for instance you know what what are the other kind of major options out that the other information voice action do the major platforms like Google and it’s already off this some kind of sexual yeah for sure cuz we’re not we’re not sharing your data with anyone so where I believe a good privacy-oriented service where do I go there’s definitely some open source Solutions out there like I mentioned earlier no elastic is one of our biggest competitor prison they haven’t done much and I haven’t seen much time in the way of conversation as an open source holding I would imagine they will see something soon there as well

you know I would say you could probably shoehorn really any technology until voice today you’re just going to be doing extra work on it

in regards to Google and Amazon you know they’re providing some tolling there you know you got things like entity resolution where a lot of those synonym type things that I was mentioning earlier you can do the thing from me that’s a a challenge is it’s not just searched search and Discovery we’re trying to match someone from what they want to what we have and if you’re using just the Alexa and Google Assistant telling or dialogflow toiling it’s going to be really difficult to do that without some sort of sorts builds as soon as you have more than say a dozen different things that they provide that these are really nice to know what they are asking for his match at but she’s got this huge cock blocking you want to recommend some stuff then then you need some it Montage in the back end if you have

a dress that literally is titled red cocktail dress or maybe even maybe even if you have red cocktail one dress as three different filterable values then maybe you can find it but if someone is searching for a red cocktail dress and red dress might be in a title and the description might say something like no this is perfect for after work events until parties you going to want to match on that as well and you’re not going to be able to do with a built-in example okay performance is why I performance on data so if I want if I got some data is there a particular way that I need to a store right or prices at before I put it into algolia and they do I need to care about the foreman suspect Juanita and structure and Sentinel in a sentence I thought I’d seen it with diplomas considerations in mind or do you guys to take care of all of that we pretty much just take care about you send us objects

BJ’s I know you’re probably sending us and we’re going to process it and charms are performance it’s one of the things that were really fanatical about and I’m at an earlier 10 millisecond processing time often do you know even less than nuts 50 millisecond round-trip does that seem the date is in a sentence for my I mean is that how much work is involved on the front and sides must you put it into that form was very model of the situations where might be a little more challenging our customers we seeing for example that I have decades worth of saying news are a challenge for 99% of our use cases of literally take what you have in your database. Data store and send it to us if I wanted to convince my boss then some other voice search to my what was that was a good strategy in in your mind while used to have these

I know you are developing into work on the south end but you must have a good idea of what it is that gets people says it’s back up in the RSL seemed really cares about the the technical side of it as well so they’ll have me on those calls and I’ll know and what I see is that

people want to be seen as being on the Forefront of Technology huge thing right there those stats are 71% of people would rather see your voice than mobile the the idea that I don’t remember the number offhand but a huge chunk of people who are connected to a brand on social media also want to be connected as well. De La Cocina the Titan of boobs the people who like no I’m not really sure about this until everybody else gets on board I’m already going to do it but really being a you know that the time is now you know you got to move out on this stuff you know what what is there a wait what was the quickest and easiest way of demonstrating go to the power of this to the show Rosalind tell experience into a search and you probably already have searched you almost certainly have searched on your mobile and in that case you know add a microphone to it add that interaction add someone up personalization

some of those voice specific relevance tweaks that we mentioned earlier and build a voice search that’s really interesting where you can go one of my hands is full but I can click on this Mike I can start really easily without having to to go to that keyboard and compared to okay well my hands busy can start right now it really opens up a lot of new avenues to customer says search and also I think you can just look at the stories that are coming out as well obviously Spotify as a media company and media cleanse itself really well to voice but you see stories were customers of Spotify were complaining that their voice wasn’t up to the expectations that they had and I think you’re going to see that more where either if you’re a large brand people are going to complain about it and if you’re not a large brand people just aren’t going to continue to use you are there any particular examples that stick out your mind of that as of any particular customers

invitations for a while. Is a physical exam for this Challenge and action that we work with one who deserve all the credit we we we really didn’t provide them much in the way of their design or they’re actually quite back up to one customer that we work with and you know I learned just as much from them as as hopefully they want from us is in PR you know NPR’s is really at the Forefront of what’s happening with voice is National Public Radio when I had lunch with them back last year is sort of a group of radio station huge umbrella and I work with podcast the law if they work with voice first a lot so they’re really at the Forefront a lot of of what’s happening there was no way I do love NPR Podcast

Brian this is absolutely brilliant silver produce wait wait don’t tell me a really interesting things and if you have an opportunity to see any of their talks the kind of things that they’re doing for example with voice texting and it sort of the testing lab but they’ve got set up in their offices just is fantastic no. Yeah another customer that we have us doing really interesting things is ww.w the formerly called Weight Watchers points is a really interesting we talked about search allowed but I mentioned earlier it’s also about Discovery and what they do is they allow people to track their food through voice today for lunch I had a piece of pizza and two bananas

I’m okay and so you got to match what they’re looking to truck to something that you have in your database for your your index of foods running using algolia for that’s what we see there is. It’s not just hey I want to find X is I want to do something and I don’t want to have to walk through all the steps to do it just to find what I want them and I’ll meet you when you’re hungry hungry and breaking your rules are there helping people you know have a healthy weights and one of the things that’s most important when you want to have a healthy weights and you’re trying to to watch what you eat is that it’s easy it’s already hard enough to to watch what you eat and so if you had this one extra stuff you okay I’m just not going to do it

some really good examples are very nice voice action action is actually being used by big bronze it’s working it’s helping people that are some seriously and I thought I’d use cases that you can point to take a bus gave us excited about this and obviously like you say that the best thing to do is to get it built the Prototype show people voices fantastic the demo and it even works with podcast yes it is a great thing to go to show people and in the office if you have to plug it in and you never can get involved options and all right so I wanted to know because your voice but there’s so much going on you know I’m doing my best to try to keep up with that but it really is enough information what what are the some of the resources of the techniques used to stay on top of the development center I think there’s a few things that I use

I read as many blocks as I can and I try to keep up with what’s going on in the community try to meet people like yourself and others in a community in and learn directly from them one thing that’s also been really useful to me as a developer’s is going to the source so I will subscribe to get the shoes I will subscribe to book trackers and that actually has been incredibly useful for just a very personal level as some of the blog post that I brought in that have gotten the most traction have been those ones where I get a notification from get out hey Alexa and Amazon team release something new in the SDK and so I’m able to go in there pretty quickly and go what’s the impact this has on us and then write a post from it today and part of it also is just accepting that you’re not going to know everything there is a lot of platforms where you know there’s one in particular I will name it because I still want to try it but I

have the welcome email in my inbox and it’s news is every two three weeks because I keep thinking in the future I’m going to have more time to check out this platform ago and feel a sudden and I don’t send that some point I’m just going to go if this is really important and then then I’m going to get to it so it’s it’s important not to get stuck where you are at but I think it’s also important to really focus and go okay well I’m going to learn this really deeply and it’s the what I was waiting until you guys it’s all about Focus isn’t is this this field is already too too big to keep on top of everything so you ready. Pick an area light books that. That’s enough for a lifetime really so yeah it’s it’s already going to need him down and then you’ll get a specialist in the area that’s only just beginning yes it’s very interesting the people who like trying to develop voice app so just was thinking about becoming a voice that develop and what kind of advice would you give them I’m not wet when should I stop what kind of project should they stop building you should they be speaking to Etc

it’s been most valuable to me is having a project that I can build on every platform so the my Hello World example and you want something that’s that’s beyond hello or do you want something that really allows you to dig into the capabilities of the platform when I try to go for every platform as I build a baseball scores application baseball score baseball scores exactly where you can go when you can and get the score of the of your favorite baseball that like this game you just said and I like that because there is a lot in there it’s more than just a single like back and forth intense but you can have multiple different sense in there you can build notifications of the platform as there’s a lot of different things you can do and you can really understand what a platform is capable of so I would figure that out something that interests you of course or see what’s up

okay well I’m going to reproduce this a try and figure it out and then just start building as well the thing that I would recommend people figure out as soon as possible are the tools that are out there you know I started building for the Alexa skills that I started building for auctions pretty much as soon as it came out and there weren’t these toys that are available now and so there was a lot of manual work to get a skill up and running to get an action up and running what are the major tools in these days until people do it through an ID a or does that mean I’m sad about everything online or 2 there’s only Tools in regards to writing the code I know example the Alexa to him as a plug-in or or whatever the visual studio code insert tooling is called have that but I wasn’t even beyond that things like bespoken the Soviets the smoking is great for unit testing and so that allows you to

the run those tests really quickly I know they also have a proxy as well so that you can connect a. Instead of having to always reload your code to Lambda or to Firebase functions or whatever because of the development cycle speed it up so much and that’s something we’re if I could have gone back a few years and and Bill. Going for myself you know from the outset or had that song available to me I feel like things would have sped up so quickly because there is something that you should

take your time on and maybe go to the mud a little bit because you’ll learn about it and there’s some things like uploading your coats a Lambda that you do it once you talk so I got to figure it out and it’s going to be a better way and I don’t need to do it every single time this thing all right so you either so let’s plan outline now that it’s a joke about voices if it’s just so you know just begun the real thing of beauty is pain with children who used to be the perfect time to get into it still young enough that there’s plenty of opportunity and yet there’s no free if you ever the next size 6-12 months boat launch I guess yeah fantastic no I want to do I think I’m kind of maybe take a week off and watch some Netflix or something like that as well

Aiden is a lot of opportunity are I think people are just starting to get excited about it I think there’s an opportunity for us to learn more of those questions that you’re asking how are people going to be searching today we’re still figuring out I think people who are searching or still figuring it out how do I interact with this I would love to see voice search voice us gov great really grow and really be this very serious thing that we know a lot about we have voice UI search voice search UI best practices and additionally even see things in the real world and we can talk about this at all but that’s what’s really exciting to me is the fact that you might be able to go to your favorite Big Box store and say where are the limits and be able to be directed to that and search is going to have a place to play in those kind of environments very exciting yeah I mean Dimension discovery

when you said that I was I was like well that’s just another showing itself is also the whole subject in this outfit we will have to come back again. It’s more about it as that at the industry you know Amazon in 2019 and I wanted to just drop a quick I have fun applied for your publishes I’m running publishes and they’ve offered us this beautiful 40% off old Apple that’s including all but it’s a pod voice type 19 voice at 19 just get him a name. Com I unplug voice at 19e at 40% of everything but if you’re interested in winning does his book for free on the descent mean email to buy voicetechpodcast.com tell me why you why you need to book and I’ll select few minutes around them that and I’m really excited for the book definitely check it out and that the pre-release copy online and then yeah thank you very much

okay so you just heard from Dustin Coates the voice search go to market leader algolia hey such as a service provider based in Paris France that’s open today I hope you enjoy this thing as always you can find all the show nights with the links mentioned in any episodes at voicetechpodcast.com thank ludes all the discount codes for the conference as well I very much hope to see you in Germany at the voice back to Time conference in may you enjoy this episode and you like spot me you can tell one friend or colleague about that site you can leave a quick review on iTunes that voicetechpodcast.com iTunes you can write for the plug voicetechpodcast.com published if you’re a medium writer double lab Manning on dashboard have done. Voicetechpodcast.com donate your Confucian really does make the show a possible I’ll be back soon until then, Robinson thank you for listening to the voicetechpodcast.com

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