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Voice UX for Self-driving Cars – Adam Emfield, Cerence – Voice Tech Podcast ep.046

Adam Emfield Cerence

Episode description

Adam Emfield is the Head of User Experience at Cerence, formerly known as Nuance Automotive. Join us for a fascinating conversation about voice UX in the automobiles of the future. Discover Cerence’s vision for a multi-modal, multi-sensor, multi-assistant driving experience, plus the many advantages voice brings to drivers and manufacturers.

Then dive into the latest design concepts of voice in the car, including personalisation and contextual awareness, and how speech anthropomorphism and emotion detection can increase user trust. To round off, you’ll hear about the future of autonomous vehicles, with the various levels of autonomy explained, and how voice plays a role in each.

This conversation a highlight reel of insights and revelations, and brings together two of the most exciting and transformative technologies of our lifetimes; voice and self-driving cars. Enjoy!

Full summary of takeaway points

A written summary of all the points made in the episode is available for Voice Tech Pro subscribers. Unlock everything at https://voicetechpodcast.com/pro 

Quotes from the show

[34:14] The ability to REMEMBER the dialogue was MUCH higher in the contextually aware system.

[01:06:42] When people TALK to the car they RELAX, and it breaks that TRUST barrier.

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